Recently I asked myself a question, is it possible to get my AdSense revenue paid on my Transferwise Borderless account?

I was using Payoneer and I was paying the $29.99 annual fee when there are plenty of options out there that don’t charge anything at all. (And provide a better service)

I googled and found articles that indicate it is not possible, however I was not convinced and decided to try for myself.

I went ahead and added my Transferwise account details in to my Adsense payment settings.

Everything went smoothly and received a small amount of less than a dollar in my account to verify. After confirming the exact amount to Adsense the payment method was added to my AdSense account.

Conclusion: yes you can get your AdSense revenue paid in TransferWise, it is not only possible but also a great choice in order to avoid bank fees.

Proof AdSense really pays to Transferwise account